Story of Us

Shegul was established in 2014 by Aysegul Ilter to address the long-standing question that distinctive, modern, plus size women everywhere had been asking, “Why are there no stylish designs, in quality fabrics, created specifically for our body type?” 

Shegul was founded on the principle of thoughtful craftsmanship. The designs are created specifically for the curvier woman, with an eye for finer fabrics and materials; with emphasis on longevity, through superior construction techniques and exceptional fit. 

Shegul designs knock down stereotypes and empower women, making them feel confident and look beautiful. Our passion is to make the curvy woman look modern, sophisticated, elegant and stylish. 

The collections are carefully considered and curated to deliver an unexpected fusion of cultures and styles in silhouettes that transcend time and place, each collection is an adventure within itself.




  • Continue our mission to remove virgin plastic from factories and warehouses
    • Migrate from the use of bio-degradable poly bags to compostable bags  that degrade immediately and naturally.
  • Increase % of sustainable raw materials to 50% by 2022 and 100% by 2025
    • Increase the usage of bio-degradable raw materials, Organic Cotton, ECOVERO™ viscose
  • Implement Carbon Offset Programs
    • Work in conjunction with local partners in Turkey to reduce and offset our carbon emissions through reforestation programs
  • Social Responsibility
    • Combining the Carbon offsetting with improving the livelihood of the low- income families by planting nut trees to provide mid term income
    • Prioritizing the families with daughters and keeping the girls at school as pre-requisite to benefit from Carbon Offsetting program